FlickerrDance Company

Artistic Statement


FlickerrDance Company was founded in 2013 by director and choreographer-composer Felicity Kerr and is an exciting new dance company based in Taunton, Somerset. At the heart of FlickerrDance is research and exploration of  both music and dance alongside a deep fascinataion into how these two art forms can relate equally to each other. Unique to my work is my self-collaboration as both choreographer and composer and this choreographic practice enables both these integral art forms to complement each other in addition to the intention of the piece.

FlickerrDance Company produces work that covers a diverse range of topics from music, science, langauge, choreology and in particular has an interest in live performance and in creating site specific dance films.



FlickerrDance Company aims to deliver youth and professional workshops to disseminate my MRes research into music and dance relationships; help educate, train and increase awareness in how choreographers, dancers and composers relate musically and, in choreological practice.