FlickerrDance Company Education


FlickerrDance Company can offer a variety of workshops to suit you individual needs. The following areas below are an outline of some of the expertise and experience FlickerrDance is able to deliver to young people, youth groups and both amateur and professional dancers:


  • Workshops for all ages from Year 3 to Adults in contemporary dance
  • Youth group choreography
  • Inculsive Dance Workshops
  • Choreographic services for your event including flash mobs
  • Site Specific Dance film: Creation and editing workshops
  • Choreography workshops 
  • Choreology as a tool kit for choreographers
  • Choreology for dancers – how to improve performance and technique
  • Contemporary Dance Technique – Release/Cunningham based
  • Music Training for Dancers
  • Music Training for Choreographers
  • Dance music compositions


In additiion FlickerrDance Company has previously offered advice to prospective students who wish to study dance and we are happy to both provide one to one mentoring and group support for young passionate dancers and chorographers


Choreographic Services


At the heart of FlickerrDance Company is a love for creating work. If you like to commission FlickerrDance company to choreograph anything from a flash mob, youth dance performance to work for professional dancers please don’t hesitate to contact us as we would love to work with you to both challenge, bring the best out of your dancers and realise your breif.

Musical Services

FlickerrDance Company can also offer unique musical compositions for your choreography. Using a variety of composition techniques from Bach Chorale writing to sound editing and recording. As a dancer, choreographer and choreologist I can provide specialist advice whether it is helping you to get to more out of you musical collobaration or through cllaboration with myslef as I am able to draw on both musical and dance terminology. Together I am happy to work with you to create the perfect sound environment for your work


For more information reagrding any of the above services please feel free to contact me for further information at: flickerrdance@hotmail.co.uk or via social media, just search FlickerrDance Company