• “Telegramless” 

A dance film featuring my own choreography and musical composition exploring four ‘Thankful Villages’ in Somerset. These are villages where those who served in the war returned safely back. Somerset has the highest proportion of ‘Thankful Villages’ and ‘Doubly Thankful Villages’ which are where service people returned from both word wars I and II.


The composition by Felicity Kerr features acappella style singing and manipulated ukulele sound performed by Felicity Kerr




  • “TerpsiScore” 

This work was part of my MRes Dance Thesis: A practice as research inquiry exploring how music and dance can be generated together through a new choreographic practice and is currently being developed in preparation for Resolution! 2015


The composition by Felicity Kerr features two dancing-musicians performing vocally and on harmonica and one non-musician dancer.




  • "Reorientation" 

A site specific dance film exploring my relationship returning to Taunton after completing my degree at TrinityLaban


The composition by Felicity Kerr features layered Violin performed by Felicity Kerr


  • "Ultra" 

This work for five dancers explored an investigation into how movement can be coded using enigma codes and how these codes can be stimulus for choreography and composition. 


My composition features soundscore created by Felicity Kerr composed of strings and that featured 'coded' music developed for Elgar's Enigma Variations Theme



  • "Was it a_at i saW" 

Exploring English Language principles in relation to the eleven choreological actions to produce a playful and highly physical trio. Features soundscore created by Felicity Kerr


My composition features recorded speech from my dancers which was manipulated along with extracts from Haydn, J.  Symphony No. 47 in G Major "The Palindrome" III  Menuetto e Trio




  • "Do you have a moment?" 

An abstract exploration of the concept of time in both dance and musical composition for five dancer. Features an original composition by Felicity Kerr 



The composition by Felicity Kerr features strings, piano and xylophone and has a minimalist quaility


  • "PE-KE"

Solo based on a sculpture by Marrissa Merz ‘Untitled’ displayed in Tate Modern


The composition by Felicity Kerr featured foundsounds recorded around the sculpture at Tate Modern, London which was then layered and manipulated




  • "Conflict" 

A Dance Film developed into film with live performance exploring dance and music relationship with friction premiered as part of 2010 YDE Young Creatives at The Linbury Studio, Royal Opera House, London. Young Creatives mentor was Darren Ellis


This was my first composition for dance and this piece used instruments that use friction to create sound; strings and friction based percussion e.g. friction drum, Guiro etc